We offer a full care and medical care system in line with the latest scientific knowledge in this field. For this reason we are at the center of our attention.

We respect the personality and dignity of the residents of the residence, offering them a pleasant and comfortable ambience as well as the feeling of being at home. Care and medical care are provided by German, German and Austrian medical staff, as well as Austrian and Romanian doctors.

Coordination of the work is done by two German doctors with over 25 years of experience in managing care homes for elderly people, Dr. Schelker Erich, Regensburg and Dr. Nikolaus Barsan in Vienna.

Retirement Home

Assistance is guided by the principle of active care: tenants are encouraged to act independently to maintain and improve their skills.


The inauguration of the Maria Theresia Residence in Sura Mica (Kleinscheuern) is scheduled for August 2018. The Sura Mica commune, founded by the Transylvanian Saxons, enjoys a secular German culture. For this reason, as in Sibiu, there are German and Romanian speakers whose support will ensure the functioning of the home for the care and assistance of the elderly.

The hotel level accomodation with medical care and help for the elderly is designed according to rigorous European standards and standards and is built according to them on a plot of 13,000 sqm, of which 8,000 sqm represents the park adjacent to the residence.