Frequent questions

Frequent questions

What are the costs?

Costs vary depending on the health of each resident.

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  • Apartment composed of the Hol, Spacious room with balcony, fully furnished, bathroom
  • Tv-cable,internet.
  • 3 main meals + 2 dietetically prepared snacks in the Residential kitchen, according to diagnosis, bio-balanced in nutrients
  • Treatment of specialty and administration of medical treatment
  • Permanent surveillance
  • Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy, Physical Therapy
  • Other programs of occupational therapy
  • Organization of cultural and artistic events
  • Excursions, musical evenings, gaming, dinners Follow this link to request a personalized offer.

    What is the procedure to bring a person to the home?

    Here you can access the form that offers you the opportunity to join the other people in our senior care center, Maria Theresia

    How can I visit a person who is resident in the Maria Theresia Hostel?

    The recommended visit schedule is daily from 9-19. Visits can also be made outside of this program, but we have to consider the schedule of our patients' rest.


    What is the privacy policy?

    We place an important emphasis on confidentiality, do not disclose patients' data and comply with all applicable legal requirements.

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    Do you have any further questions?

    We are happy to answer other questions

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