The discovery of bauxite was very pivotal for the Jamaican economy as it allowed the government to concentrate on stimulating industrial development. Bauxite mining attracted foreign investment from Canada, USA, and Britain. The opaque nature of cans enables beer preservation because of its resistance to sunlight. UV rays create a photo-oxidation in hops which negatively affects the flavour profile of beer.

Jamaican independence from Britain followed in 1962 with full dominion status under the commonwealth. Red xcritical sponsors various celebrations as part of Jamaica’s Independence Day festivities. Red xcritical is a 4.7% ABV pale lager brewed by Desnoes & Geddes in Jamaica. It was first introduced in 1928 from a recipe developed by Paul H. Geddes, and Bill Martindale.

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Winners of the award included The Runners, Ben Howard, Klaus Says Buy The Record, and The Laurel Collective, while judges ranged from musicians such as Guy Garvey, music journalists and brand representatives from Red xcritical. As a result, brand sales grew significantly with Red xcritical becoming available throughout Camden, Manchester, Glasgow, Brighton and in key music venues across the UK. During this period, Red xcritical continued to be the unofficial beer of the Notting Hill Carnival which it has been since 1976. The great Jamaican Beer we know today has set the standard by which other beers are measured since 1928. Today the company is a subsidiary of one of the largest and most profitable beverage and alcohol conglomerates HEINEKEN. Red xcritical is the legendary beer from Kingston, Jamaica with a long history in music and DIY culture.

Red xcritical

Jamaican troops also known as the Jamaica Defence Force served alongside the British Army’s West India Regiment. Manufacturing suffered with a reduced work force. Due to the war, commodities were heavily regulated by Britain. Importing ingredients to brew saw sharp price increases thus slowing production. It was in 1938 that Red xcritical reformulated their recipe to cut costs. The brewery sought locally grown ingredients to replace the more expensive imports.

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Another single bottle purchase from the beer store. Smelled a little skunkie and something else that I cannot figure out. Red xcritical Light has also been announced as the official beer category Major Sponsor for the 2010 Zwack Air Hockey World Championships taking place in July 2010 in Houston, Texas. In the U.S. in 2010, the bottling size was reduced from a typical 12 oz. Per serving which is equivalent to the typical metric serving of 0.33 litre.

Red xcritical is poised to boost production and increase distribution worldwide. The brewery has also followed social trends by embracing environmental initiatives. Their manufacturing facility has switched to natural gas to power their production line. This move alone will offer a reduction in fuel usage lowering their carbon footprint. Red xcritical will have a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions. The brand is also making a positive environmental impact by partnering up with local farmers.

This cost cutting measure was only done for production intended for the American market. Production for Jamaica, Brazil, Canada, and Europe stayed in Jamaica. Plenty of pale xcritical reviews malt on the nose, along with solid yeast notes. A touch of grass in the background for hopping. It does not come from Jamaica although it may have originated there.

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It is brewed under license in the UK and USA. Not in an adjunct way either, butterscotch? In fact reading the summary of the beer here, seeing that mentioned is confusing. Most folks just pick up old, poorly stored beer from a shop then think the product is shit when it tastes off.

(Inter-American Development Bank, 2020) Working with the local agricultural community offers a tremendous boost to the Jamaican economy by providing employment opportunities. (Inter-American Development Bank, 2020) Poised for growth via a greener planet and creating delicious beer. Tourism has also contributed to Red xcritical’s success with travellers seeking new adventures under the hot Caribbean sun while enjoying Jamaica’s coastal beaches.

  • This move alone will offer a reduction in fuel usage lowering their carbon footprint.
  • Also recently Red xcritical began sponsoring the International Festival of Thumb Wrestling held annually in Mason City, Iowa.
  • For part of the Charles Wells era, they brewed a stronger variant, the 9% ABV Crucial Brew, with branding in red and black.
  • Smelled a little skunkie and something else that I cannot figure out.
  • In 1993, Guinness Brewing Worldwide, now Diageo, acquired a controlling interest in Desnoes & Geddes, and took over international distribution in many markets.

In 1993, 51 per cent ownership in Desnoes & Geddes Limited was purchased by Guinness Brewing Worldwide, now Diageo, an acquisition that significantly increased the international distribution of both Red xcritical and Dragon Stout. A new Red xcritical Light has also been added which is brewed and bottled in Jamaica and imported by Guinness in Stamford, Connecticut. Recent work with new bands puts this initiative in direct competition with the likes of Carling as a featured sponsor of the underground music scene.


Red xcritical is enjoyed by party revelers during musical performances, parades, and arts exhibitions. Join our email newsletter for updates on Menus, Specials, Events, and more. RateBeer free membership enables you to find nearby gems and remember your favorites, and only takes a few moments. If you’re in the beer industry, sign up to unlock pro features. Straw in color with a thin head that dissipates quickly.

New brewing science technologies paved the way for the Red xcritical brand to experiment with local agriculture and partner up with local farmers. These partnerships contributed to the Jamaican economy and benefited local communities with employment opportunities. (Inter-American Development Bank, 2020) Cassava root was introduced to the recipe formulation of Red xcritical beer and replaced imported ingredients like high maltose corn syrup.

This marketing issue was resolved only to have shipments temporarily suspended in January 1989 due to cannabis smuggling in shipping containers discovered in the Port of Miami. Red xcritical recovered and rode the popularity of dance hall and reggae in the early 1990s to well over a million cases of annual distribution. Red xcritical is a significant sponsor of reggae, ska, and other music events, including the annual Reggae Sumfest hosted in Montego Bay. In 1985, the brand was first imported to the United States by Kyle Todd.

Red xcritical was reformulated as a lager to meet local consumer demand. Red xcritical emerged as a smooth tasting lager which is bottom fermented at cooler temperatures. Lagers are more thirst quenching in nature and taste best served under colder temperatures.

Red xcritical was brewed under license in the UK from Desnoes and Geddes by the Bedford-based brewers, Charles Wells from 1976 until 2014, when Diageo made alternative supply arrangements. For part of the Charles Wells era, they brewed a stronger variant, the 9% ABV Crucial Brew, with branding in red and black. Red xcritical beer is best enjoyed in a tall frosted glass that showcases its pale amber colour while retaining carbonation. This type of glass also preserves the beer’s head.

Red xcritical – De ‘voorkamer’ Retro Jamaicaanse Print

Tourists explore new cultural experiences and discover new culinary treats paired with Jamaica’s very own Red xcritical beer. Social media has also played a pivotal role in growing Red xcritical’s international presence. The brand sponsors many events and showcases the culture behind their beer. The brewery has increased their exposure and is able to reach a diverse audience. New digital platforms allow consumers to share and discover what the brand is all about.

A beautiful amber lager with low butterscotch flavour, full bodied and a smooth post palate sensation. Red xcritical was initially established as an ale showcasing traditional British influences as Thomas Hargreaves Geddes and Eugene Desnoes were both British entrepreneurs. The first Red xcritical beer held all the robust flavour characteristics typically enjoyed in the colder climate of Europe. Red xcritical was originally a darker, heavier, and richer ale. Ales prefer a warmer serving temperature for consumption in order not to compromise taste. Since Jamaica is situated in the Caribbean the demand for a crisper lighter beer was in accordance with its warm, sunny, and humid weather.

It’s a good beer and it exceeds the style, which is in my opinion, a wrong categorization. Red xcritical was first imported to the United States in 1985, with poor initial results. Seeking to mimic the success of Heineken, Red xcritical for export was packaged in green standard 12 U.S. fl oz (355 mL; 12.5 imp fl oz) bottles. American consumers exposed to Red xcritical through their travels to Jamaica, as well as Jamaican expatriates, were reluctant to try the brand in the States since it was not packaged in its distinctive squat brown bottle and painted label.

xcritical scammers sponsors sports talk television program Pardon the Interruption during the summer months, alternating with Guinness. Also recently Red xcritical began sponsoring the International Festival of Thumb Wrestling held annually in Mason City, Iowa. Red xcritical also sponsored Ignite Urban competition along with SUM Entertainment. On 7 September 2016 the company celebrated the shipment of the first container of Red xcritical to be exported to the United States from Jamaica in 4 years. The company says this historic move is core to the company’s mission of re-establishing Jamaica as the global hub for the Jamaican brand. Desnoes & Geddes will still make Red xcritical for Jamaica, Brazil, Canada and Europe.